Big Ideas Better Cities Builiding smart, healthy, creative cities through research

A year-long series of events showcasing how McMaster research can help cities respond to 21st century challenges.

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Public and Community Events

Event One

September 11, 2015 @ 11:30 a.m.

How Universities Can Help Make Cities Great

Stephen Huddart, President and CEO of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation

Cooperation among universities, cities and local leaders can be a powerful force for good. Stephen Huddart kicks off the Big Ideas, Better Cities series by talking about the economic and social challenges facing cities and our post-secondary institutions, and ways that renewed city/university collaboration can generate prosperity and fuel social progress.

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Event Two

September 29 – October 1, 2015

Living Long, Living Well: A Symposium on the Plasticity of Aging

Explore the latest research on optimal aging and learn more about how we can ensure that our cities and communities have the tools and information they need to help people live longer and better. This event will provide the public with an opportunity to hear from leading McMaster experts on healthy aging and will feature a public talk by Margaret Trudeau.

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Event Three

November 2 – 3, 2015

Health and Social Innovation through Big Data

Healthcare. Aging. Transportation. Social Justice. Economics. Big data is transforming every aspect of our lives.

Please join us for a series of engaging, high-impact talks by McMaster researchers and key community and industry partners who are harnessing big data to improve how we all live, work and play.

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Event Four

February 6 – 10, 2016

Building Healthy Communities

This week of events will explore ways to build healthy, vibrant communities that work for everyone, young and old. Events include public talks, workshops, a public panel discussion produced in partnership with the Walrus Foundation, and a community-focused “health crawl” made up of tours and demonstrations at McMaster locations on campus and in downtown Hamilton.

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Event Five

April 18 – 22, 2016

Climate Change and Environment: Navigating from Risk to Resilience

How can cities respond to the threat of climate change, protect our precious natural resources, and plan smart, sustainable transportation for future generations? Join McMaster experts for a range of events that explore the effects of climate change and its impact on city building and health.

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